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  • Over 15 units of fiduciary education
  • Sessions crafted for both the fiduciary starting their business or the seasoned professional
  • Expert presenters cover trust, estate, ethics, practice management and person related topics
  • And much, much more…


Answers To Your Questions
Regarding Virtual Conference


As we head into the summer months, the PFAC Board of Directors continues to be agile in making decisions regarding the 2020 conference that are sound, fact-based and that keep the well-being and benefit of members, partners and clients centrally focused.

In order to provide the quality education, networking and conference experience in a safe environment, the 2020 Conference has transitioned to a full virtual experience. While we won’t be seeing each other in person, the Conference planning team has put together a host of options that still allow you to connect with your colleagues during the conference experience and have the opportunity to earn up to 27 continuing education units.

All of our lives have been affected by COVID-19 – some more than others. PFAC is doing everything possible to continue to bring quality education to professional fiduciaries, even in the midst of crisis. While this change may not be optimum, we hope that you find this modification one that you can adapt to and use to network with your peers and colleagues virtually while gaining the education that you have come to expect from a PFAC conference.