A1 – Managing Your Fiduciary Risk: Bonds, Errors, Omissions, Oh My!

In depth discussion on the difference between a fiduciary bond and E&O insurance. When to notify your bond company and/or your E&O carrier. What to tell who.


Larry Hilton, Dominion Insurance

Larry Hilton, Dominion Insurance

Having pioneered alternative dispute resolution services in Utah and California beginning in the mid
1980s and practiced insurance coverage law through the 1990s, Mr. Hilton formed Dominion
Insurance Services in 1997 to serve the coverage needs of lawyers and other professionals
Beginning in 2009, Mr. Hilton conceptualized, drafted and then shepherded through the Utah
Legislature the Specie Legal Tender Act, which was passed into law in 2011, with important
amendments adopted during the 2012 session. By that statute, Utah became the first state in more
than one hundred years to formally recognize gold and silver coinage as legal tender. Since then he
has actively championed monetary reform measures in Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona,
Oklahoma and Texas—with the latter four states having adopted meaningful specie legal tender

Kevin Kravets

Law Office of Kevin E. Kravets