A5 – How to Best Manage Client and Court Needs and Expectations in the Changing California Fiduciary Real Estate Market

The global Covid pandemic pushed California housing prices to historic gains, and now the market is
correcting back to reality with a historic cooling of the real estate market creating a challenging
environment for Professional Fiduciaries to deal with their client’s most valuable asset. This
presentation brings together the attorney, court, real estate broker and professional fiduciary
perspectives to this valuable topic to provide fiduciaries with a road map to following during this
unprecedented time.


Brianna Mannion, Esq.

City and County of San Francisco Legal Division - Office of the Public Administrator/Public Guardian

Brianna Mannion, Esq., is an attorney at the Office of the San Francisco Public Administrator/Public Guardian, and was a staff attorney with San Francisco Superior Court’s Probate Department. Prior to that Brianna was a trust and estates litigation attorney for Evans, Latham & Campisi in San Francisco.  She possesses both a deep and broad understanding of the city and county court systems, laws, and litigation practices. A lifelong Bay Area native who grew up in San Francisco, Brianna holds a J.D from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts from UC Santa Cruz.

Minna Fernan, Esq.

Minna Fernan, Esq.

Minna Fernan Law

Minna Fernan, a California licensed attorney, has provided services as a professional fiduciary specializing in trust administrations for the past six years, she has worked with and been mentored by other fiduciaries for more than a decade. She is committed to the aging population and helping ensure that seniors, and others, have a trusted person to act on their behalf during incapacity or to carry out their estate planning wishes after death, to fulfill their legacy goals.  Minna holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Social Welfare and a JD from Golden Gate University.

Andrew De Vries, MBA

Andrew De Vries, MBA

Residential, Commercial, Probate, Estate, Trust & Conservatorship Real Estate Broker

Andrew de Vries, MBA, CLPF has provided expert real estate sales for private and professional fiduciaries in the Bay Area for more than 18 years. With more than 800 successful fiduciary sales transacted in most major Bay Area counties, Andrew brings deep experience-based knowledge to his client’s needs.

His services include initial case evaluation, property preparation, and development and execution of sophisticated sales strategies to limit a fiduciary’s liability while satisfying all parties involved (including difficult family members). Andrew holds a Real Estate Broker’s License (#01368031), a Professional Fiduciary License (#544) and earned an MBA with honors from the University of San Francisco.