B5 – Top 10 things Skilled Nursing Facilities Don’t Want You To Know! Be The Best Advocate You Can Be

Discover the top ten things skilled nursing facilities don’t want you to know. People “voluntarily” accept the end of therapy and discharge from facilities because they don’t know their rights. “We are discharging your Dad tomorrow at 10:00”, or “Medicare will not pay for any more therapy”, or “We don’t have any custodial beds” are only a few of the statements that cause people to “voluntarily” stop therapy or accept discharge. Who knew they had options? But you will. Learn when and how to say No, how to assert your client’s rights under the law, and how to get them the care they need with the resources and benefits to pay for it. Your understanding of your client’s rights can radically change their health care outcomes. We will look at common scenarios, your options, and provide you with the underlying supporting legal authority and a method to effectively evoke your client’s rights in emergency discharge scenarios.


Philip P. Lindsley

Philip P. Lindsley

San Diego Elder Law

Philip P. Lindsley is a widely recognized elder and special needs law attorney. His
practice is limited to Medi-Cal and public benefits planning, special needs planning, “Life
Care” planning, asset protection, probate and trust administration, and conservatorships
and their alternatives.
Mr. Lindsley founded the San Diego Elder Law Center in 1997. His expertise and
engaging presentations in Elder, Special Needs Law, and health care advocacy make
him a frequent and popular lecturer to professional and lay groups.