EB 5 – The Art and Science Of Personal Property Appraising

Join us for an insightful presentation on the intricate world of appraisals. Delve into the nuanced landscape of valuation as we demystify the need for appraisals in diverse scenarios, from legal proceedings to personal estates. Discover the array of appraisal types, including Fair Market Value, Insurance, and Equitable Distribution, and their unique roles. Explore specialized appraisal services beyond valuation, such as financial planning and appraisal review, and grasp their significance in various contexts. Gain clarity on the regulatory framework and accreditation standards in the field, unraveling the roles of organizations like ISA, ASA, and AAA. Learn to discern the quality of appraisals, understand how to vet qualified appraisers, and evaluate appraisal reports effectively. Engage in interactive activities and real-world examples that will deepen your understanding and empower you to confidently navigate the world of appraisals.


Morgana Blackwelder

Morgana Blackwelder

John Moran Auctioneers & Appraisers

Morgana Blackwelder is a highly qualified specialist and appraiser of personal property. Boas ng over 18 years in the auc on industry, is an Accredited Member within both the Appraisers Associa on of America and the Interna onal Society of Appraisers, with a specialized focus on Fine Art. Morgana has a proven track record in various aspects of her profession, including business development, rela onship management, research, appraisals, cataloging, and sales. In her role at John Moran Auc oneers, Inc., where she has been employed since 2007, Morgana has been responsible for the me culous prepara on of appraisals, catering to various needs such as fair-market value, equitable distribu on, insurance, charitable dona on, and estate tax filing reports. Her professional career has seen her advance through various key posi ons, with her current roles being Senior Vice President, Director of Trusts and Estates, Director of Fine Art, and Specialist in Fine Art. Her tenure began as a cataloguer in fine art. She has been involved in selling more than $500 million dollars of personal property to auc on including estates of Tammis Day of the Keck Family, Phoebe Hearst Cooke, Andrew Chandler of the Los Angeles Times, and Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree.