EB2 – Safe Liquidation Of Used Vehicles From An Estate

Natalie will cover all the aspects of a fiduciary selling a used vehicle for an estate. Topics will be price
evaluation, DMV paperwork, certificate of non-operation, keeping vehicles safe during long legal
process, transportation, and general advice.


Natalie Armenta

Natalie Armenta

Aaero Sweet Corporation (DBA CarStub.com)

Natalie Armenta is the Director of Vehicle Acquisitions for CarStub.com. After graduating from high school, Natalie joined what is now CarStub.com and learned the automobile business from the ground up. 

Starting in the used vehicle purchasing department when she was only 17 years old, Natalie has been directly involved with the purchase of over 100,000 used vehicles in the state of California. As an expert in price evaluation, physical appraisal, DMV processing, and auto auction rules and procedures, Natalie is a foremost expert in used vehicle purchasing and sales.Currently, Natalie has a staff of 35 employees who report directly to her and is in-charge of the entire purchasing department that currently buys and sells 1,000 used vehicles per month.

CarStub.com is both a business to consumer as well as business to business enterprise.  CarStub.com facilitates direct consumer purchasing as well as vehicle purchasing from credit union referrals, business managers for A-list celebrities, lawyers, CPAs, and fiduciaries.When not running the company, Natalie enjoys spending time with her family and can be seen walking her dogs, Blue and Forty.