EB6 – Is It Care?

Understanding that there is a way to care for people living with brain change by doing care together.
We cannot force people with living to do something nor can we ignore what needs to be done and walk
away. Understanding that if it is not CARE it Neglect or Abuse. Highlighting what care is and resources
to train and help all people caring for those with brain change learn skills to help them. We need to
identify when CARE is not being done. Creating a deeper understanding of TBI and FTD connection.


Leandra Sims

Leandra Sims

The Kensington Sierra Madre

In 2009, Leandra applied for the position as an Activity Director for a community in Arcadia, CA. With no experience at all in this field, Leandra was determined to utilize her musical talent and sing her way into this position at her interview and got hired.  In 2011, Leandra got promoted to Marketing Director.

In 2012, she relocated to another assisted living community as an Activity Director and began working with people living with Dementia.

When The Kensington in Sierra Madre opened up, she was hired as the Connections Life Enrichment Coordinator where she discovered her passion working with family members and teaching them how to cope with their family members living with Dementia. Within 2 years, Leandra was promoted to the position of Memory Care Supervisor.

After a year of becoming a certified Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Independent Coach, Leandra’s passion grew and was ignited to teach and educate people about Dementia.  Her goal is to teach people how to shift their perspective towards the person living with Dementia and looking at it from their point of view.