Lunch Time General Session – PPFs In Court – The Judges Perspective

Along with Alameda County Presiding Probate Judge Sandra Bean and Los Angeles County Long Cause
Probate Judge Ana Maria Luna, we propose to present some or all of the following case scenarios in
order for private fiduciaries to appreciate the viewpoints of trial judges as PPF matters proceed before
them: 1- Appointment of a PPF on a pending conservatorship estate; but what about the accompanying
asset-rich trust with an arguably competent family member already managing; 2- Appointment choice
on conservatorship between and alleged but unproven influencer and a proposed PPF, where the
proposed conservatee declares preference for the influencer; 3- Appointment of a PPF on conservatorship petition where only the proposed conservatee objects, and does so through zealous private counsel insisting upon client competence; 4- Moving a conservatee to an assisted living facility when the estate is sufficient to subsidize home care for some (but not all) of the conservatee’s actuarial life expectancy; 5- What about the PPF with late and/or substandard accounts that take multiple hearings to approve; and/or 6- The intersect of conservatorship and marriage dissolution actions.


Hon. Judge Glen Reiser (Ret.)

Hon. Glen M. Reiser (Ret.) has vast experience adjudicating and resolving thousands of complex commercial, real property/environmental, trust and family law disputes as a respected trial judge and litigator. Judge Reiser spent more than 20 years on the Ventura County Superior Court, serving as both supervising probate judge and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) judge for more than a decade. Prior to his appointment to the bench, he litigated hundreds of civil cases to successful conclusion in trial and appellate courts throughout California. Judge Reiser regularly teaches California judges trust, probate, and conservatorships through the Judicial Council of California’s Center for Judicial Education and Research (CJER). Judge Reiser is known for using his thoroughness, intellect, attention to detail and breadth of knowledge to develop creative solutions to disputes of all types.

Hon. Judge Sandra Bean

Hon. Judge Sandra Bean

Alameda County Superior Court
Hon. Judge Ana Maria Luna

Hon. Judge Ana Maria Luna

Los Angeles County Superior Court

Judge Ana Maria Luna obtained her undergraduate degrees in Biological Sciences and Spanish from the University of California, Irvine in 1981.  She graduated from the University of Southern California Gould Law School in 1984.  Judge Luna began practice as a family law attorney in the Southeast area of Los Angeles County from 1984 to 1989.  In 1990, she transitioned from family law to criminal defense work when she was hired by the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office.  She began her judicial career in October 1992 when selected by the Southeast District Municipal Court judges to serve as a court Commissioner.  In 1994, she ran for and won an open seat to that bench. She was the first Latina to serve in that municipal court district.  She became a Superior Court judge through unification in 2000.  Judge Luna has worked extensively with drug treatment issues in the criminal justice system. She was instrumental in the creation of a Drug Court program that served the Southeast District of the Los Angeles Superior Court. In 2000, she was chosen by the Board of Supervisors to chair the Prop. 36 Steering Committee for Los Angeles County in response to a voter initiative requiring treatment rather than incarceration as means to treat substance abusing defendants.  Judge Luna served as an associate with the VERA Institute and has advised other states as to the development of collaborative drug treatment programs.  She has served as faculty at the Judicial College (California) and at the National Judicial College (Reno).  She is a past president of the Latino Judges of California, and a past vice-president of the California Judges Association.  She served on the state Judicial Council from 1998 to 2001.  Judge Luna was assigned to a family law courtroom from 2014 to April 2020 where she heard child custody, support and financial issues in marital dissolution and parentage actions.  In April 2020, Judge Luna was reassigned to the Probate Division where she presided over a busy calendar court managing estate, trust, guardianship and conservatorship cases.  As of March 2022, she has been handling the long cause probate calendar.   Judge Luna has presented to the LA County Bar Association regarding minor’s counsel training (Family) and  litigating special immigrant juvenile findings (Family and Probate) as well as to the Southeast District Bar Association on cross-over issues in probate and family law.  Judge Luna likes to knit, read and walk/hike whenever she has the opportunity to do so.

Kelly Berlingeri, Esq.

Kelly Berlingeri, Esq.

Superior Court of California, County of Ventura

Kelly Murphy Berlingeri, Esq., has been an attorney for 21 years. She currently serves as a permanent Judge Pro Tem – Court Case Management Attorney for the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, where she presides over the civil Case Management Conferences and Small Claims trials.

She served as the Probate Examiner for the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, for two years, where she focuses primarily on reviewing conservatorships, guardianships and special needs trust accountings. You will often see her sitting as Pro Tem in J6 when Judge Lund is on vacation. 

Prior to joining the court, Ms. Berlingeri practiced as a contract attorney with over fifteen years with various law firms in Ventura County, focusing primarily on fiduciary accounts and petitions. Her private practice also emphasized on estate planning, trusts, conservatorships, and estate administrations. 

Prior to opening her own firm, Ms. Berlingeri worked for five years for a civil litigation insurance defense law firm.