Person-Centered Dementia Care Basics for Fiduciaries

This presentation will provide an overview of the basics of dementia, including common types of symptoms, as well as conditions that can mimic dementia. The presenter will provide an overview of person-centered care and how that translates into reframing challenging behaviors and moods as unmet needs. Strategies for effective communication working with clients who have dementia will be discussed as well as considerations for care. The basics of a dementia care plan will also be covered.


Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh

Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh

TheKey formerly Home Care Assistance

Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified care manager and serves as Director of Memory Care at TheKey formerly Home Care Assistance. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University and PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Medicine from the University of California, San Diego/SDSU Joint Doctoral Program. She also has degrees in epidemiology and social and cultural psychology. She completed her clinical internship at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Dr. Gholizadeh has research and clinical interests in coping with chronic illness and cognitive decline, caregiver stress and burnout, coping with role transitions, and psychological assessment. Dr. Gholizadeh works with family and professional caregivers in training and support contexts and has a small private practice where she commonly works with families caring for a loved one with dementia as well as with professionals struggling with balancing work and family roles.