Petitions, Invoices and Fee Schedules, Oh My! Administration From the Attorney and Trustee Perspective

This presentation will help you refine your billing practices in such a way that you will not only have a greater likelihood of success getting bills approved by the court and beneficiaries, you will feel more confident doing so.  Also, hesitant to take those court-supervised cases and wait to be paid?  Learn that pre-approved compensation may be available!  Proper billing is vital to the success of any fiduciary relationship as it can protect both parties – the fiduciary and the beneficiary/ward.  Attendees will not only step away with tips and tricks for proper billing, they will receive a sample fee schedule, sample fee petition and sample billing entries for future reference.


Juliette Robertson, Esq.

Juliette Robertson, Esq.

Robertson Law Group

Ms. Robertson started her legal career in health care litigation and hospital administration which has been integral to her success in estate and special needs planning and litigation.  She began working in Trusts and Estates in 2010 and joined Therese Adams at Adams & Hayes Law in 2013.  Ms. Robertson succeeded Therese Adams as owner of the firm and earned her certified specialist status in 2015.