Understanding LPS Conservatorships

This class will provide an overview of the LPS Conservatorship process, its history, and the duties of serving as an LPS Conservator.   We will review the differences between the public guardian conservator vs the private conservator.   We will discuss the responsibilities, representation by counsel, and how you can get paid to do this work.   We will also look at the psychiatric advance directive and its important role in your client’s lives.  If you are interested in adding LPS Conservatorship to your practice or just gaining a broader understanding of this much misunderstood area of mental health this class is for you.


Meredith Taylor CLPF, MFT

Meredith Taylor CLPF, MFT

IMT Associates

Meredith Taylor is the owner and primary fiduciary at IMT Associates. For the past 36 years IMT Associates has been focused on serving the elderly, mentally ill and special needs community. Meredith serves in many fiduciary roles including trustee, conservator, power of attorney, executor, guardian ad litem, and provides consultation to families as they navigate the estate planning process. IMT Associates is a team of professionals specializing in accounting, bookkeeping, case management, real property oversight and social security and public benefits. In addition to being a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, Meredith holds a California Marriage and Family Therapist license. Bringing both fiduciary and mental health services together provides our clients with a full range of services supporting their financial and personal needs.