Brenda Shorkend

Brenda Shorkend

Shorkend Care Management, Owner

Brenda Shorkend is a Certified Aging Life Care™ Manager/Geriatric Care Manager, with over 25 years of experience working with older people and people with disabilities and their families. She has a background in Rehabilitation Psychology and is a member of the Aging Life Care Association. She has worked in a wide variety of hospital and community settings, including Huntington Hospital’s Senior Care Network in Pasadena. Brenda has broad knowledge of local resources and services. Brenda is a strong advocate for her clients. She works with her clients to tailor unique solutions for each individual that maximizes their independence and autonomy while ensuring their safety and well being.

She is the incoming Chair of the Aging Life Care Association’s Standards Committee and is on the advisory boards of the West San Gabriel Valley Elder Abuse Task Force and of Community Healthcare Ethics.

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