Michael Kasolas, CPA

Michael Kasolas, CPA

Michael G. Kasolas Inc

Privately-owned companies, public organizations and their legal representatives retain Michael Kasolas to efficiently mitigate financial defaults and support recovery. Michael and his associates bring financial, business, insolvency and real estate expertise to attorneys and courts to assist them in maximizing recoveries of value and in providing fair, impartial, effective oversight in each case. 

Michael is uniquely qualified to serve multiple roles in a liquidation or restructuring process. As a CPA with over 29 years of experience he has resolved complex tax, management, employment, financial, and operational issues of small, midsize and large companies. At PricewaterhouseCoopers he was a senior manager in Tax and Legal Consulting Services. As a former CFO and COO of startup technology companies, he has experienced the challenges of a small business trying to grow in a competitive and changing market. As a real estate broker with over 35 years of experience he is fully aware of the challenges facing buyers and sellers of commercial and noncommercial rea l property. As a probate referee of over 22 years, he has developed an expertise in real property and business entity valuation. As a member of the Chapter 7 panel of trustees for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California, he has vast experience in liquidating a broad array of assets. As a chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee, he has operated and liquidated businesses as going concerns in effort to maximize value, including hotels, gas stations, real property and business entities. As a state equity court receiver, he has successfully managed litigation, administered the recovery of financial assets and sold real property. As a successor trustee, he manages and administers private family trusts to afford the timely distribution of estate assets to beneficiaries. His forensic accounting and asset management skills have supported legal action in multiple Ponzi scheme cases in the U.S. Michael Kasolas applies business acumen, objective big picture thinking and timely decision making to each case and appointment. He anticipates and adapts to multiple scenarios, helping clients steer clear of procedural blind spots. His straightforward approach reduces costs and accelerates outcomes.

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C1 - Litigation Involving Real Estate in Probate, Trust & Conservatorships - What to do when it happens, How to minimize risk, How to resolve it