Paul E Bartschi

Paul E Bartschi

Merrill Lynch Special Needs Team

When you work to support Special Needs populations, your work is more than a profession. It’s a passion and a commitment to helping the vulnerable members of our society.

Like many who are involved in the Special Needs community, I draw on my own background and family experience as I have personally witnessed and worked with those with special needs. This opportunity has helped me to provide both empathy and compassion for other families who know the joys and challenges of caring for family members who cannot care for themselves. Moreover, having witnessed my beloved grandfather fall victim to Alzheimer’s, I truly understand the fragility and preciousness of those final years.

As a Senior Financial Advisor and Vice-President with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, I combine empathy and understanding with technical knowledge and insight in helping Special Needs individuals lead a more secure financial future. I work closely with clients’ attorneys and professional fiduciaries, modeling the financial requirements to care for vulnerable populations and designing customized investment approaches to address those needs. I often advise on court supervised matters such as conservatorships and support family trustees who manage an estate on behalf of a loved one.

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