Paul Epstein, Esq.

Paul Epstein, Esq.

Acuna Regli

He joins Frank R. Acuña and Tracy S. Regli, adding more than 10 years “first chair” trial experience to the firm’s litigation department.

Paul’s practice focuses on trust and estate administration and litigation, and he has litigated accounting disputes, inheritance disputes, and lawsuits over the validity of disputed wills and trusts. Although he is a zealous trial advocate, Paul is also a skilled negotiator who will mediate and settle cases whenever appropriate.

Many of Paul’s cases involve questions of undue influence, fraud, forgery, capacity, financial elder abuse, and breach of fiduciary duty. One example of this is a 2017 trial in Alameda County in which Paul obtained a judgment for his clients which voided a deed and will codicil that would have undermined a failing elder’s long-standing estate plan. The judgment also awarded double damages and attorney’s fees and costs to Paul’s clients.

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