Ruben Martinez

Ruben Martinez

Fiduciary Real Estate Service Services

Ruben calls upon his experience working in Real Estate and Sales Management for large corporations including Pepsi-Co, the Los Angeles Times and Jack-In-The-Box. Ruben managed the construction of new facilities and maintained existing facilities for Fortune 500 companies throughout the Western United States. Ruben was responsible for the bidding process and related contracts overseeing hundreds of contractors and vendors. His thorough knowledge of the construction process is a resource to the Fiduciary Client when selecting and monitoring contractors to ready the property for sale. Ruben can be a valuable resource to ensure that the estate receives value and high quality workmanship from contractors. Ruben’s eye for construction assists the Fiduciary Client in disclosing and remedying physical conditions which may exist on the estate property.

As a Director of Sales and Operations for large corporations including the Los Angeles Times, Ruben dealt with business owners and corporate leaders in the City of Los Angeles, managing a large sales staff. In his career as a corporate sales leader, he learned how to be a sales professional, promoting the goals of his Clients utilizing the best resources.

Ruben is proficient in Spanish. This expands not only the potential Buyers to a property, but allows Ruben to deal directly with contractors and other vendors.

Conference Sessions

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E3 – Top 10 Real Estate Issues Fiduciaries Miss
C3 – Contested Conservatorship & Handling Conservatee’s Care, Visitation & Home