Sue Wetzel

Sue Wetzel

Final Wishes Life Coach

I believe death and dying is a natural part of life and a sacred rite of passage which holds immeasurable opportunity for deeply meaningful, transformational experiences for both a dying individual and their loved ones. 

End-of-life is a precious time and deserves to be held gently with attention, care, and compassion. Unfortunately, our predominant culture often sterilizes the dying process and hides it away behind closed doors, leaving us feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed when we are asked to face it, either ourselves or with someone we love.

Through the exploration of thoughts, feelings, hopes and beliefs about death and dying, I seek to collaboratively and compassionately support clients in identifying and meeting their unique emotional, spiritual, and logistical needs at the end of their lives. 

Conference Sessions

D6 – Let’s Explore End-Of-Life Doulas